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  • Nikki Caviezel

Product photography for Josty natural products

Josty-Naturprodukte' cold-pressed oils are all-natural and gently pressed at 37°C. Their products appear in a modern, sleek design - great for attractive product images.

The assignment

The goal was to show the products of Josty-Naturprodukte in a bright setting. The non-traditional ingredients should also be highlighted and the attractive bottles should be the center of attention. In addition to the product images, there should be photos that present examples of how to use the oils.

I chose to shoot the job with a studio light to ensure continuity of the light source. Most of the images were shot with the 50mm lens. To make the photos look like a series, I always use the same background as well as background.

The Photo Shoot

When styling the individual products, the corresponding ingredients of the oils were used in each case. This shows the potential customer at first glance what to expect. Here is an exciting "Behind the Scenes" look at the styling of the scene.

The product images

The results gave Mirela Josty great pleasure. Commenting on her new pictures, she says

«Such great pictures. You are a great photographer. Thanks a thousand for the pictures. It was very nice to work with you.»

Here is a small selection of favorites:

The images were all created in portrait format, as the intended use is mainly for the social media channels of Josty Naturprodukte.

Naturally, I was very happy about this shooting. Mirela Josty has built an impressive business with sustainable components and being able to support her with appealing brand photography was a lot of fun for me.

Do you also need compelling product photos or images that reflect your brand to boost your sales? Then get in touch with me. Feel free to discuss your project with me without any obligation.

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