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  • Nikki Caviezel

Interior photography for Kreisladen

The zero-waste store in Küsnacht, ZH stands entirely for sustainable shopping. Kreisladen offers products in the area of food, household and personal care. All products are selected with great care, whenever possible local products are selected.

The assignment

Mariska Wieland, owner of the Kreisladen, needed two types of images: On the one hand, a photo was requested that showed various products that could be purchased for a delicious Easter brunch. This picture was needed for the Küsnacht newspaper to advertise the circle store. The other pictures are to show different products in the store as well as the ambiance of the sustainable shop. These photos will mainly be used for their online channels such as website and social media.

The shooting

The photoshoot took place on location in the Kreisladen. Since the store has a great window front, I was able to shoot with attractive daylight. The daylight captures the natural mood that fits the concept of the Kreisladen perfectly.

To group the products and focus on the particular brand, I worked with a lot of blurred backgrounds so that no other brands distract the one being focussed on.

The product images

The images match nicely thanks to Kreisladen's color concept with their natural as well as pastel tones. The different products have resulted in great photo motifs. Mariska comments on the result as follows:

Nikki Caviezel captured our wish very quickly and implemented accordingly. We are totally happy with the pictures! She has a good feeling for contemporary images, color combinations and design. Thank you dear Nikki, we will ask you again for the next photos!

Thank you very much, dear Mariska, for your trust. I enjoyed the shooting immensely and your beautiful store has inspired me. The endless photo motifs, combinations and matching colors have given me great pleasure.

Do you also need pictures of your store to show your customers what they can expect at your shop? If so, please get in touch with me. We can discuss your project together without any obligation.

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