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  • Nikki Caviezel

Industrial photography for Livinguard AG

Livinguard is a hygiene technology company that, among other things, uses air filtration solutions to disinfect the airflow through large buildings such as hospitals, open-plan offices and airplanes. For the acquisition and presentation of their technology, Livinguard needed compelling images of their simulation facilities.

The assignment

In order to explain the technology to potential customers and investors, Livinguard needs representative visual material for their acquisition presentations and image brochures. The air filter system should show the complexity of the system and the professionalism of the Research & Development team. Detail shots of the processed sensors as well as overall shots of the plant and the equipment were to be taken.

The photo session

The shooting took place on location at the Livinguard headquarters. José Cuevas, VP / Technology Leader Air Filtration described all important aspects before the start of the shoot and gave a briefing on which elements should be photographed. In addition, we simulated and photographed activities directly by the machine.

The lighting conditions and reflective surfaces were particularly challenging. To avoid reflections, it was necessary to work with backlighting.

The industrial images

José Cuevas was extremely pleased with the result. With the ulterior motive that images are used for presentations and printed materials, I created free spaces in the image composition to be able to integrate text modules.

Dear Nikki, Thank you very much for the amazing work and pictures! We at Livinguard are extremely satisfied with the results and the overall experience. From the briefing to the shooting, everything went perfect and was very professional. Thank you for the patience considering that I booked the session on a Friday afternoon and the flexibility to support us to get the pics sooner to support our customer presentation! We thank you and NC Photography for your support and we are looking forward to working with you again in the future! Your work is already in many of our external publications!

José Cuevas, VP / Technology Leader Air Filtration, Livinguard AG

Detailed pictures may not be presented in this context for reasons of confidentiality. However, I am happy to give you an insight into the picture gallery of the entire technology room.

Here is also a look at one of Livinguard's published papers including the photos:

PDF herunterladen • 1.09MB

I would like to thank Livinguard for their trust and I am delighted to have been able to carry out this exciting assignment.

Do you also need attractive brand photos or pictures of your machinery, your industrial facility or your production plants to show your customers what you do? Then please contact me. It would be a pleasure for me to discuss your project without any obligation.

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