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  • Nikki Caviezel

Brand photography for Gartengold GmbH

Juice with a Mission - that is the Gartengold claim. The concept is exemplary: Gartengold wants to offer people with disabilities a great job outdoors while harvesting unused apple trees. The juice: Simply delicious!

The assignment

To strengthen Gartengold's brand and increase awareness, Gartengold GmbH required appealing product images for its social media channels. On the one hand, images should be created that put the product in focus, i.e. photos in which the bottles are shown to their best advantage. On the other hand, further images were desired that capture and show the vibe of Gartengold. The styling should be as natural as possible, discreet, light, natural colors should be used.

The photoshoot

For the images of the products, I decided to create them in the studio and with studio light. This gives me maximum control over light and shadows. For these images, I relied on the 50mm fixed focal length lens to be able to achieve the sharpest image possible.

For the " in action " pictures, I wanted to shoot them as close to the reality as possible. That's why I took these pictures all outside in natural light. The scenes are meant to represent a cozy summer afternoon with friends, where a fresh Gartengold cannot be missing. I created these shots with my Tamron 28-75mm zoom lens, which gave me a lot of flexibility in terms of different settings and distances.

The product images

Shanice from Gartengold comments on the images:

The collaboration with Nikki went totally smoothly and the resulting images, have far exceeded our expectations! We highly recommend her and would work with her again without hesitation.

The images were all created in portrait format, as the application is mainly intended for the social media channels.

The shoot for Gartengold was a lot of fun for me. Supporting the sustainable concept with appealing brand photography means a lot to me.

Do you also need engaging product photos or images that reflect your brand to boost your sales? Then get in touch with me. We can discuss your project together without obligation.

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